Request for Clarification of feature in 3.1.1

  • when opening an app that has an external-app configured, redirect to this URL when starting the app

Is this what I think it is? I interpret that as being that I can add a URL here to redirect the browser when opening the app. For example, if I have apps with different URLs. I think this is one of those that haven’t made it into the documentation yet.

Hi, this feature is documented here: Configuration | ShinyProxy

You can indeed use this to have an app available using multiple URLs (if I understand you correctly this is what you want to achieve):

    -  id: my-app
       container-image: openanalytics/shinyproxy-demo
    - id: my-second-app
       external-url: /app/my-app 

Both apps will be visible on the main page. If a user clicks the second app, the first app will open (and the URL will also be the url of the first app). In addition, starting with 3.1.1 the user will be redirected to /app/my-app when they go to /app/my-second-app .
Note that the feature can be used to both link to URLs within ShinyProxy and external URLs.