Request: Update the getting started guide


Hey everyone, I was looking into Shinyproxy recently and was reading the getting started guide , which is very informative, but i wasted a lot of time on understanding the reason why with the example yml which was given in the example there was a problem communicating with the docker…
I have found out that the reason is that in the override.conf file the configuration which is given is wrong.
Docker 1.12+ no longer uses socket activation, so you need to remove the -H fd:// from the DOCKER_OPTS.
There for the configuration should be:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -D -H tcp://

for both Ubuntu and CentOs.


I struggled with this as well… I believe I found a workaround but in the end I gave up with manual installation and proceeded with shinyproxy in a container.


@LazerDude, @deann88

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and feedback. I have updated the getting started guide at

Thanks again!



The suggested solution (removing “-H fd://”) doesn’t seem to work (for me at least). fd has to be replaced with unix, so the content of “override.conf” becomes:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H unix:// -D -H tcp://