Retrieve log files of shiny session when launched on shinyproxy

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to get to the log files that Shiny-Server produces typically (i.e. the errors that may happen within a shiny runApp). I know where to find the logs of the Spring session when I start shinyproxy-1.0.2.jar, but where to find the shiny logs?
Impossible task insofar
Any help appreciated! Thank you in advance

Hi @mimaque,

Take a look at these settings:

The container-log-path setting allows you to specify a location where the output of the R processes will be saved to.

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I have enabled the container-log-path setting and can now see logs appearing in a /container-logs directory. However, I can’t see an extra ‘Report Issue’ link will be displayed in the navigation bar. Is there a special trick to see this link? Should it appear next to the Admin/Log out button?

Hi @fifthace,

Yes, the Report Issue link will appear alongside the Admin and Log Out buttons, but only if a support address has been configured:


Hi @fmichielssen,

I have the following configuration

    authentication: none

If I include the container-log-path setting, then the buttons do not appear. They only appear if the options simple or ldap are chosen. Is there any way to also show the buttons given my configuration?

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