Running RDepot on a prefix


I’d like to run RDepot on a URI prefix. Currently, the application is assumed to be served from the root /, but for our use case, it would be quite preferable to serve it f.e. at http://localhost/rdepot instead. (We’re using Kubernetes, but essentially it’s the same thing as docker-compose locally)

The setup I’m trying to go for is to have the application at /rdepot/app and the repo at /rdepot/library.

I was able to set the server.servlet.context-path=/rdepot/app, which seems to have done the trick, but not completely. Some of the references in the static HTML files point to /webjars instead of /rdepot/app/webjars. Is there any way to add the prefixes to all these static resources dynamically?

The repo application does not seem to be an issue and I can install packages from /rdepot/library perfectly fine. It’s just the front-end visuals that are fairly broken.

Currently, the only way I can see is to fork RDepot, update all the HTML static files, and build our version with corrected references in the HTML files. I’d really like to avoid that, so if there’s any suggestion on how to achieve this without forking, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Richard_Nemeth,

Thank you for your message. We will shortly release a new version of RDepot with the requested feature. I will report back when it is released. Stay tuned!


Hi @Richard_Nemeth,

The new version (1.7.6) of RDepot is available at

It includes the new feature allowing to configure a URL context path, see the documentation.

Happy New Year!

Kind regards,

Hi Tobias

That’s incredible news, thank you so much for making this work! :slight_smile: I can see it wasn’t a small change, so very much appreciated!

Happy New Year!