Running ShinyProxy in Kubernetes

The answer by Keqiang_Li in response to a question about running ShinyProxy in a docker container made me think that it might be possible to run ShinyProxy in a Kubernetes cluster.

It can run in a single container, but what I would like is for ShinyProxy to start new containers in the cluster (new pods). I have not been able to get that to work, and before I try further I would like to check whether it is something that is possible at all.

Has anybody else tried to run ShinyProxy in Kubernetes? How did you manage to get new pods started?

We are in the process of installing ShinyProxy in Azure container services. We are starting on Swarm because this should be the most rapid deployment. We have seen issues with the fact that Microsoft has not deployed a modern version of Swarm so we will be researching Kubernetes in the future. We will share our progress on this site over the next few weeks.
Brett Taylor
Proskriptive, Inc.

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This seems like a very interesting topic since I’m working on deploying ShinyProxy on a cluster environment as well. However, I feel like ShinyProxy needs to directly access docker daemon while Kubernetes abstracts away from the containers. This seems to be a conflict. And also, we need Kubernetes to spin up a pod(an instance of our Shiny application, this is the default behavior of ShinyProxy for the purpose of being able to accommodate multiple users at the same time) every time a user visits. But I’ve never used Kubernetes before, I might be completely wrong about this.

If you guys find a solution, please post here. Thanks

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Hi @Keqiang_Li, @hitfuture, @FvD,

There is now official Kubernetes support in ShinyProxy 1.1.0.

All details are on

and there is an example configuration for running inside Kubernetes on a new Github repo

Hope this helps!