Set up containerised Shinyproxy in Rancher with Cattle orchestration, anyone?



If you have, I’d really like to see the network configuration in the docker-compose.yml and rancher-compose.yml of the running service, as well as the relevant section of application.yml. The idea is to run all in a single Rancher host.

By mapping the unix socket port of docker in the host I can make shinyproxy to launch the corresponding app container, but:

  • As it is not launched from inside Rancher and I can not manipulate the “labels” section of the launched container, I’ve failed in getting shinyproxy to talk to the shiny app container so far. If it only was a docker-labels: option for the app…

  • Attempts to use “container:” (see here) also fail, because exposing a port is incompatible with this networking mode. Shinyproxy forces exposing the 3838 port (or configured one) even if the image was created without the EXPOSE line.

If it not possible, or too complex, then I guess I’ll have to convince the sys admins to allow using kubernets orchestration internally.