Setting Docker Environment Variables

Shiny Proxy is amazing! I run R in production via OpenCPU, and being able to run shiny apps easily using the same image for development is great. Currently I pass a database connection string via a Docker environment variable to our production containers. Is there a similar option for ShinyProxy? I would prefer to not store the connection string in the container for security reasons. Is there a way I could pass it in the application.yml? Or better yet, have a setting in the application.yml that lets me specify a path to a env file that would be passed to the container using the docker run --env-file option?

Hi @acjackman, Thanks for the positive comments!

The suggestion to specify the path to a env file is a good one and we’ll implement it on short notice.

Will let you know when it’s ready.

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… and here it is, @acjackman (release 0.8.0):

Hope this works for you!