Setting up MonetDB

Can someone provide more detailed instructions on how to set up MonetDB from scratch to use with shinyproxy?

Hi @gwarnes-atd,

If it is for collecting usage statistics, there is documentation here:

If you want to use MonetDB for other purposes, some generic advice for interacting with databases is offered in this thread: Best practice of using database

Hope this helps!


HI Tobias,

Sadly, the information on at is insufficient. For instance, it doesn’t indicate how the database should be created, authentication set up, and configured to listen on the correct port…


Hi everyone - agreeing with gwarner-atd - while the documentation for influxdb is quite detailed, I’m finding inflixdb to be of limited interest as it does not show timestamps of events through SHOW SERIES which defeats the whole purpose of tracking when events happen to avoid taking the server down when some users are using the app - so decided to switch to Monet DB as it seems to log timestamps !

The documentations is however relaly sparse and doesn’t explain how to create a database or a table … any chance we could get some more info on how to do this ?

Many thanks

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Was struggling with the same thing, but got the MonetDB to work now.
Once I got MonetDB up and running (in my case it was on kubernetes), I could make the db & the event table with:

monetdb create usage_stats
monetdb release usage_stats
mclient -d usage_stats -s "create table event(event_time timestamp, username varchar(128), type varchar(128), data text)"

Storing the data worked automatically after that when putting the proposed url (from the shinyproxy monetdb documentation) in the application.yaml file.