Shiny app as SaaS (integration with stripe)

Hi openanalytics team,

I am wondering if you considered implementing integration with stripe or other payment processors on shinyproxy level?



As far as I know, we have never setup such an integration.
What we sometimes do is setup an integration with kubecost ( in order to have “internal” customers pay for the (conpute) resources they use. But I think your use case is a bit different.


First of all, many thanks for coming back on this!

Yes, the use case I had in mind is a classical subscription-based SaaS business model.

I think there is a strong demand for this.
For example, there is an R package “polished” that implements authentication and administration for Shiny apps with integration of stripe subscription via package “polished payments”.
When I saw the package I thought it would be super cool if this was implemented in ShinyProxy.