Shiny apps not displayed properly in Internet Explorer


This issue has been originally raised on GitHub:

Internet Explorer doesn’t display apps properly. The app window doesn’t fill the full height of the window but only a narrow bar:

I am using Internet Explorer 11.
Speculation: This might be related to the use of $(window).height() in the template.

Thanks for looking into this

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Hi @ahalaz,

Can you check whether this is still the case with ShinyProxy 0.9.4?

We made a few fixes to improve compatibility with Internet Explorer:


Hi @tverbeke,

I checked and the issue still persists with version 0.9.4 (as I reported on GitHub; my apologies for not reporting here as well).

Thank you for looking into this,

Hi @tverbeke,

Please check my latest comment on GitHub:

I think the issue is solved.


Thanks for the feedback, @ahalasz, and good to hear it is solved.