Shiny apps time out/grey out after 10 minutes


I’m having an issue where if I leave my shiny apps idle for 10 minutes the screen greys out and I am unable to do anything with my app until I refresh the screen. This also happens with the example euler app from the Deploying Apps section on the site so it’s not being caused by something specific to my own apps.
Is there a way to turn this time out off or to make the time out longer than 10 minutes?


Hi @scottaquaq,

If the screen turns grey that means the container shut down or became unresponsive for some reason.
Under normal circumstances, the heartbeat mechanism is used to shut down containers that are no longer in use, e.g. when the user closes the browser tab. But if the container is shut down while the tab is still open, that may indicate a problem with the heartbeat mechanism. On the other hand, if that were the case, then the screen should grey out after 1 minute, not 10…
You can try increasing the heartbeat timeout value (in millisec) using this property: heartbeat-timeout: 60000

Hi @fmichielssen,

I’m actually having the same issue here, see this post. The UI grayed out after exactly 10 mins while the container is still up and running. All the logs show nothing wrong.


I actually have the same issue here, The UI grayed out after 10 minutes, container stays up.
Is there any solution or workaround yet?

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in my case, the problem was not shinyproxy. I use nginx with config from
and there I found the responsible parameter:
proxy_read_timeout 600s;


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I try to increase heartbeat-timeout: 120000 but the screen is grey out after 1 minute. Any idea to increase time out?

Hi @Jose_Luis_Canadas,

If the app greys out after 1 minute regardless of the timeout setting, then there must be another problem.

  • Check the configuration of any proxy in front of ShinyProxy
  • Check the ShinyProxy log for any errors
  • Check the client heartbeat. This can be seen in the Network tab of your browser’s Developer Tab (Ctrl+Shift+I in Chrome). There should be regular heartbeat messages, each having a status 200 response.