Shiny Proxy on Windows Server 2016 + Windows Containers

I have an issue running a shiny app (tried the euler app and my own app as well) with shinyproxy on a Windows Server 2016, Docker for Windows and Windows Containers.

I created a custom dockerfile to create an image based on microsoft/windowsservercore containing Microsoft Open R 3.4.3 which works perfectly fine. Running the container directly via “docker run” works and the apps start up pointing to Port 3838. Also setting up shinyproxy works, displaying login screen -> available apps. But starting up any app gives the following error:


I guess it’s some docker on windows/windows server issue but nevertheless I wanted to try to ask here if someone has encountered this issue.

After some more digging I think this is related to:

Which is still not resolved for Windows Server 2016 I guess.

Also tried some workarounds which didn’t work.
Also the containers actually get created but do stop running right away.

More edit:

Can now reproduce the Issue by trying to start the image directly including the usage of:

docker run -p

I guess this is what shinyproxy is trying to run to create the container?

Any luck with this? I have encountered the same issue running docker ee in windows 2016 server (v 1607). All is good up until launching the image and then i am presented with the above screenshot as well. I tried to create a “transparent” network as mentioned in some other posts; but no avail.

I also tried a transparent network and it does not work.
The newest Insider build of Windows Server should support loopback for Windows Containers. Until this is part of a release version of windows server I dont know how to make this work.

Btw: Just today I setup the same App using Windows 10 and a Linux Container and it worked with shinyproxy right away. So if you can use linux containers with Hyper-V it should work.

If linux containers are no option (which is e.g. the case for my Server Setup since the Server 2016 OS is running on a VM itself and Hyper-V/docker won’t work properly) I’m out of ideas.


could you please share the Dockerfile used to create the image containing R? I also have to setup shiny service on Win Server 2016. I would like to have an image containing R and the libraries needed and point to the app directory for files. Can this be done? The server is virtual and it seems I cannot run linux containers.