ShinyProxy 3.0 Docker Pull and Registry Auth

I upgraded to ShinyProxy 3.0. So far so good.

I would like to enable the Docker Pull and Registry Auth. Where precisely is the documentation for this. I have some questions. 1) How to enable Docker Pull. 2) Will registry authentication work with and PAT tokens in particular.

This is the only info I could find, reading through the change log. Configuration | ShinyProxy

It isn’t clear to me if it supports, I assume it could get the url from the image name. For the PAT token, I don’t use a username. Do I leave one or the other blank in that case?

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

Actually it is as easy as you wrote down :slight_smile:

You indeed have to specify an image-pull-policy. Next you can use your regular GitHub username for the docker-registry-username setting and use the PAT for the docker-registry-password setting. Finally the docker-registry-domain setting should be set to
See the complete example in the updated docs:

Thanks, that url is a localhost.

Oops, I fixed the URL.

That is much clearer. One thing, how would I verify that this is or isn’t happening? I don’t see anything in the logs, whether it authenticated or not.

Also regarding documentation, it says that the html needs to be updated. However, html in the examples is still from 2.5.1, I received some errors with the thyme engine, and adjusted the navbar relative link. However, I am confused because the html in the examples were not also updated.

Can you provide a link to these examples? At least these examples should have been updated a few days ago

I must have looked before those were posted.