ShinyProxy and AWS

Hi! I’m starting my Thesis of Software engineering and I will make a Dashboard using R and Shiny for the Pension System of the Province of Cordoba, Argentina. I’m consulting to you because I need a sort of guide to install ShinyProxy in an instance of AWS,

Thank you!

Hi @JoaquinTavella,

I think the first choice to make, is which AWS services you want to use.
You could use ECS to work with containers directly, or EKS to use Kubernetes as the orchestration layer. Using Kubernetes will make it easier to add things like load balancing and failover later on.

For authentication, many options are available. For a development setup, maybe simple authentication is already sufficient.

Hopefully one of the examples at can be of use to you.

Hi @fmichielssen, thanks for the answer. I’m already installed ShinyProxy on a EC2 AWS. Now i’m having troubles to personalize the loggin page. I’m also need to know if its possible to put some groups restrictions on items inside the navbar. Or the only way to apply group restrictions is making differents apps for each group? For example, Someone who is part of Finances, shouldn’t be able to enter on the reports of Human Resources, but i don’t want to have this modules on differents apps