Shinyproxy cannot search users in nested groups with ldap config


We have configured ldap for shinyproxy. however, if we put users directly in the group specified in “access-group”, users can access shinyproxy url. but if we put the users in nested groups which are members of this “access-group”, users cannot access.

Does anyone have experience with that. how to set to make shinyproxy be able to search users in nested groups.

    url: ldaps://XXXXXX
    user-search-filter: (sAMAccountName={0})
    group-search-base: OU=lda
    group-search-filter: (member={0})
    manager-dn: "USERDN"
    manager-password: "MANAGER_PASSWORD"
  - id: shinyapp
    description: Shiny Application
    display-name: APP_NAME
    container-image: CONTAINER_IMAGE
    access-groups: [ACCESS_GROUP]