Shinyproxy Group based authorization problem with openid autentication

I have configured a shinyproxy to authenticate with an identity server 4.

I configure the administrator groups and the claim for the groups. And in the shinyproxy log I see that I receive the groups’ claim with the information correctly filled out.
However, it is as if it were ignored, it does not show me the apps that require a group or the administration section, for all purposes it ignores the information that comes in the group claim.

This is the general and the openid configuration in my application.yml:

The configuration for the apps:

This is what shinyproxy looks like after login:

This is the sinyproxy debug log:

In the log I clearly see that the group claim comes well in the ID token with the appropriate values, but it seems that for some reason, those values are not interpreted by shinyproxy.

I have done many tests and the truth is that I don’t know what else to do. Is it a bug, am I setting something wrong?

I would greatly appreciate any help / suggestion with the topic.

Thanks in advance


What login redirect URI are you using in on you IdP?


as you can see capturing network traffic with chrome DevTools:

thanks for the reply