Shinyproxy Group based authorization with Okta

Has anyone successfully configured shinyproxy group based authorization with Okta? How do I get the roles claim uri in Okta to put in application.yml?

Hi @rubila_dwi,

We’ve configured Okta to provide both ‘native’ Okta groups and AD groups to ShinyProxy.

I have a draft blog posting describing the steps that I can share with you directly. Email me at

Once the blog is done, it will be posted publicly.


Hi! Thanks a lot for your response! I have already sent u email.

Thank you.

Hi @rubila_dwi @gwarnes-atd
Could you share your wisdom? I’m struggling with the same issue with Okta.

Hi @rubila_dwi @gwarnes-atd is it possible to share how you used okta for user authentication? I am interested in this but I can’t get it to work on my end.