ShinyProxy *in* a Docker container with no access to dockerd?


I realize this is a long shot but is there any way to run ShinyProxy in a Docker container and have multiple shiny instances loadbalanced inside that same Docker container as opposed to doing it with one docker container per shiny instance? I think this goes against the model of ShinyProxy but I figured it was worth asking at least :slight_smile:


Hi @marks,

The upcoming release, 1.0.3, will support running ShinyProxy inside a container via this PR:

This is advantageous in a swarm setup, because then containers can be routed to via the swarm’s ingress network, and ShinyProxy will not have to allocate TCP ports for each session.

However, it will not spawn multiple R processes inside the container; it will still use the docker API to spawn multiple containers. That is indeed a design choice, and not easy to move away from.


Hi @fmichielssen,

I’ve been looking at this new feature for a long time. It’s great! Do you guys have an ETA for the 1.0.3 release?