ShinyProxy, LDAP and DB PostgreSQL


I am new with coding, linux, shiny and especially shinyproxy, had only try to use this for several weeks with help from my company’s server team for the installation.

We have successfully deploy our reports by using ShinyProxy that use LDAP as authentication, the issue is we haven’t got any clue on how to filter/ restrict only for assigned user that can access the dashboard.

I am being told that the company i work for is using double authentication, LDAP and DB Postgresql. First, any user that has LDAP account can try to login, next the system will check to the database if these person are allowed to access, this applied to avoid all of LDAP account user can access the dashboard.

My questions are, is it possible to do (checking to db postgresql’s steps after LDAP step) this? how can i add this feature on the login process? i dont have any clue on what keyword should i type on search box for self-learning

Thank you for your help. stay safe!


Currently it is not possible to configure ShinyProxy to query a database for user permissions. You can have a look at alternative authentication mechanisms:
For example with OpenID it’s easier to provide additional groups information compared to ldap.

Hi @tdekoninck thanks for your response, we currently on the step on trying Keycloak authentication, perhaps this method could meet our requirement for user auth.