Shinyproxy: responsive design

Hey guys!

First of all, thank you for the amazing job!

I managed to put an app working on shinyproxy and I remembered to check it out on my mobile phone (since shiny says the apps are totally responsive, and they really are).
The thing is: while using shinyproxy, my app’s design isn’t that responsive (when I was running the app on shiny server open source the responsiveness was better). Can someone explain me why that happens? Why shinyproxy doesn’t give the user the same level of responsiveness a regular shiny app has?

Thanks in advance,

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I just managed to deploy my first ShinyProxy-app and have the exact same experience - if deployed like a “normal” app, the responsive design works as intended. However, when deployed as a ShinyProxy-app the page loads with “desktop design” on mobile as well. I assume it has to do with the ShinyProxy load screen? Is there a way to configure or redesign the load screen for ShinyProxy?

Hi torstensson,

My solution was to load the app directly. So instead of visiting I visited and the app was responsive :slight_smile: