ShinyProxy running different Rmd file then listed in Application XML (or back to my original java error)

While I though I had the docker image working with Oracle or turns out it was an uncommented local.Rmd that was in the Dockerfile COPY command that was being fired up, not the Oracle version.

In Dockerfile:
CMD [“R”, “-e”, “rmarkdown::run(’/prmc/PRMC.Rmd’, shiny_args = list(port = 3838, host = ‘’))”]

In Application.xml:
docker-cmd: [“R”, “-e rmarkdown::run(’/prmc/PRMC.Rmd’)”]

PRMC.Rmd is the Oracle version.

If the copy of PRM_Local.rmd is not commented out in the Dockerfile, it is being run, not PRMC.Rmd. If it’s commented out I’m back to my original java invocation error.