ShinyProxy test with JMeter issues


I made custom shiny app for my analysis task and I’m doing concurrency test with JMeter.

So, I have an important question about the way how the shinyproxy works.

I will specify my questions.

  1. When ShinyProxy is running, I can detect docker container is running with sudo docker ps -a. But when I use Apache JMeter, I can’t detect docker container are running. Because no containers set to be started. Can you guess why?

  2. I inspected the activity of shinyproxy. An interesting thing is shinyproxy is duplicated into many pieces. I thought docker containers are running on one manager(shinyproxy). Is this not the way shinyproxy works?

  3. Then, how can I test the concurrency of shinyproxy? Can you recommend some choices?

Thank you for you help.