Unable to create new protocol

Hi, I am stuck and cannot use Phaedra. Whenever I try to create a new protocol using the template wizard. I get the error message as shown below. I am using the cellmorph protocol template.txt, which is provided with the sample. Not only do I get an error message with this sample but also whenever I use the simple or cellprofiler preset. Does anyone know what the problem could be.

Hi @Swobig, there is a mandatory setting missing from the template.txt file, which we’ll have to update in the Cellmorph demo dataset.

Meanwhile, you can get the protocol creation to work by adding the following line into the settings block after you’ve loaded them from the template.txt file:


Thank you @fmichielssen, that allowed me to create the protocol, yet when trying to import the sample dataset, I receive this error, “Data capture stopped (due to error)” … “eu.openanalytics.phaedra.datacapture.DataCaptureException: Script error: Auto reject column not found”