Usage monitoring


We’re logging the usage statistics to InfluxDB (start events + stop events), however we’re not finding that a particularly easy format to work with to produce a dashboard of running jobs (past & present). Does someone have a working example of a monitoring dashboard, preferably using Grafana?

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Hey @ax42,

I didn’t really understand how to use Influx, and ended up installing a bunch of other things (Chronograf, Telegraf, etc.) and it ended up turning out really well.

I followed this this readme (github) from influxdata and it gave me a dashboard, influx queries and data, and all sorts of other server information.

@Kalob I also followed this guide and got it working. On the Data Explorer page, I can see the shinyproxy useage stats, but there are no variables to select. How did you get when (and which) users are logging in?


Ok, it works now. Using this in the application.yml made it work:
usage-stats-url: http://localhost:8086/write?db=shinyproxy_usagestats
I think the instructions on (where the address and db are separate lines in application.yml) is wrong/deprecated.

Hi @fifthace,

You’re right, the usage-stats-db is no longer used. Thanks for bringing that up, we’ll have to update that page!

Documentation updated at along with ShinyProxy 2.0.0 release.