Use 1 CPU for several containers


Sorry if this question has already been asked but I couldn’t find an answer. If I understand correctly, with Shinyproxy, each container requires 1 CPU. So if 100 users launch a Shiny application at the same time, it requires a 100 CPUs server? Isn’t there a possibility, like for Shiny server pro for example, to define a number of containers per CPU?

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ShinyProxy uses containers to run its apps. In essence, each such container runs one (or more, but typically just a few) programs (i.e. processes). Therefore these containers do not add much overhead compared to running them without containers, and thus, just like normal programs, many containers can be run on one CPU. There is no restriction that every container needs its own CPU.

I hope this answers your question and that you find ShinyProxy useful!

Perfect answer, thank you !