Use the YAML config to point toward another webpage

Instead of spinning up a container, is there a way to point to another web page? e.g. I want an entry in my application.yaml that looks exactly like the others but rather than spinning up any containers, it just points to another website

I don’t think that’s possible. You could create a container whose sole purpose would be the redirection but that’s a bit heavy. I would instead suggest to do this at the HTML template level (i.e. on the page where you list the available apps).

Thanks @jkh1 - containers for redirection does sound like overkill. Wondering if I do it at the HTML level with the default template, would I be restricted to adding at the start and/or end only? My list is alphabetically sorted so would be nice if I could insert in the middle.

I am not at all familiar with the Java ecosystem that’s used by ShinyProxy but I imagine it should be possible because the Thymeleaf templating engine can use Spring expressions.