Webservice Authentication with SOAP (XML-based) POST

Thanks for the hard work on Shinyproxy. I was one of many that are happy with the newest release with the web service authentication support. While setting up the web service auth, I ran into a problem-- the web service that I am using is based on SOAP (ver. 1.1 I guess) that only allows XML. Based on your document in the Shinyproxy website:

authentication-url: https://your-auth-server.com/login
authentication-request-body: “{username: %s, password: %s}”

It seems the request body allows JSON body. Is there a way to work around for XML based POST? Thank you!!

I made another intermediate REST web service that reads and returns info with json format. Thanks for the wonderful version update!!

Hi @Wongyu_Choi,

Thanks for the update!
The new webservice authentication method was contributed via a pull request. You could visit the pull request page to discuss changes or extra features: https://github.com/openanalytics/containerproxy/pull/12

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