Wrong pixels height size in iframe

Hi there-
I am using latest version of ShinyProxy 2.0.2 and while using endpoint way (i.e. app_direct path) I have no issue with the display, using iframe way (i.e. app path) the height computed is not right - it giving me 937px instead of 943px in the tag below:
<iframe id="shinyframe" src="/endpoint/9a8b1ca1-4f7f-423a-bc0f-73e6b916e358/" width="100%" frameborder="0" style="height: 937px;"></iframe>

How can I do so the height gets correctly calculated ?
I have attached grabs, one with the wrong height (the default one) and another one with the right one (that I manually set in developer tools).

Any idea ? Thanks guys, Dylan
bad%20size%20auto ok%20size%20manually dev%20tools