Latest Issues -OR- Update Application.yml without restart

I am having issues with Docker/ShinyProxy not giving me the “latest” image. I went ahead and wrote a script to modify the application.yml to use the sha256 tag from the registry, but now I have to figure out some way to get ShinyProxy to restart, but then I ran across this which seemed to indicate that docker should do this already. What gives? My organization uses Portainer, so there are layers. I have interogated the registry, and I see that the “latest” images are indeed in there and not tagged, which appears to be the standard. EG docker doesn’t automatically update tags. I tried creating the containers using the docker socket, I was able to create older tagged images and newer tagged images from the SHA hash, but not using the :latest tag, just didn’t work. I did query the images using the docker socket and found that the information is in there, creation time, tag, shatag. It could figure it out.

Update shinyproxy when application.yml changes - ShinyProxy - Open Analytics Community Support

Any ideas?