Update shinyproxy when application.yml changes


I haven’t found in the docs a way to make shinyproxy update, i.e., re-read application.yml, without restarting shinyproxy. Did I miss anything?

The background to this question is that we are planning on running shinyproxy as a service and would want to add or update apps without killing currently active ones.

Thanks again for the great work and responsive community


Hi @msenn,

Good question. For updating apps it is not needed to restart ShinyProxy: if you update Docker images, Docker will run the latest ones. When updating app configurations or adding apps, it is currently required indeed to restart ShinyProxy.

If the behaviour you are after is supported by Spring Boot, we can support it for ShinyProxy too.

With the current behaviour, note that an admin user can see the live usage of ShinyProxy in the admin view, so you can know you are not bothering users (or which users exactly you are potentially bothering) when doing a restart.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your answer. It’s good to know updates work without restart. Also, your hint with admin view should make the occasional restart rather painless.

Still, I’d love to see the capability of updating while running – if Spring Boot allows, that is. Unfortunately, I can’t help with the tech :disappointed:



I am with @msenn. It would be lovely to not have to reboot the server any time there is a change.

PS: thank you for this great tech!

Add apps without restarting shinyproxy