Multiple Shinyproxy instances in kubernete

I want to have multiple Shinyproxy instances in a kubernete cluster. My first shinyproxy runs in default namespace. Would adding namespace: secondinstance in ``sp-deployment.yaml, 'sp-authorization.yaml', 'sp-service.yaml', 'ingress.yaml' be a right and efficient approach to handle multiple instances? Note my shinyproxy application.yml is also different. My usecase is to set up different landing page for multiple clients. Currently when I run the first shinyproxy instance, I have external public IP address via Azure. Is it possible to have the same IP address but different port?

I´d also like to do the same but on docker swarm. I followed this great tutorial to configure the stack.

I found this question but I think it´s not useful to docker swarm / kubernetes, as per the documentation:

When internal-networking is true, no ports will be allocated per proxy and the port range settings are ignored (port-range-start and port-range-max); also, the proxy target URLs will use the container name.

With all the traefik stuff I feel like setting up another shinyproxy instance is not straightforward.

I think this should be possible, there are example configurations in the ShinyProxy Operator GitHub repository. You can either use different domains, e.g. https://client1.your.domain and https://client2.your.domain to access distinct instances or use different endpoints, e.g. https://your.domain/client1 and https://your.domain/client2.

However, I’m struggling with configuring one ShinyProxy instance as the default one, see my issue. Maybe someone has an idea how to solve this?

Did you have any luck with this with Docker Swarm and Traefik?